• "BEAT IT, SPEAK IT, TELL IT" WORKSHOPS at Heathfield School and the Space Performing Arts

    SSF took a ride into the SPACE and Heathfield School on Wednesday March 6th based at the Tacchi-Morris Arts Centre to bring two workshops to eagerly awaiting students.

    Led by performance poet Liv Torc, Dom Buck beatbox artist and storyteller Michael Loader SSF set its aim at bringing 'story related' events to 14-19 year olds, in an attempt to offer something new, something known, something to taste, something not pre-owned!

    The Space students revelled in the opportunity to first hear from the artists, then create their own words and sounds "KAA, TI, BOOM" in their chosen workshops before sharing their skills with the rest of the group, in an atmosphere of total support, celebration, humour and "GIVE IT A GO"

    Here's the poem the 'Poets on the Heath' (year 9's) created in a short, short time!

    MY AMAZING PANTS... They make me panda man, They have pandas on them, Green with purple blobs, Black and white, MY AMAZING PANTS, They are yellow and brown and extremely frilly, Make girls blush, They make me a super hero so I can save the world, My pants turn me into spider man, Make you fly and have control of lightning.

    Their superpowers are laser beams from each butt cheek, They help me move faster, Everyone that looks at them bursts into flames, Create any animal you want, even goats, To change the world they will exterminate Justin Bieber and 1D, Because they give me sweets, No more extinct animals - dodos can rule again, Clean your bum for you , Chomp, chomp, chomp my pants have sharp teeth, They're nice...

    And here's the version from the 'Space Poets' (year 13's) in less time...

    MY AMAZING PANTS... Diamond encrusted buttons, Black lacy pants, Cotton, big, checked, Have one direction all over them, Pink and leopard print, silk, v. small, They can make you fly, Make you jump really high.

    They convinced people to vote for OBAMA, Allow me to change stuff, love things, invent things, Infinit knowledge, Give off a lovely perfume smell all day and never get dirty, Calvin Klein, pine cones and jacket potatoes, They're environmentally friendly, you'll never use a washing machine again.

    Big, size of a whale, Always comfortable, Create friendships, Dinner with any person, past or present, They control people like Barabara Windsor, Save people from crashes, They are relatives with the Queen, Pope and Prime Minister, Change you into any person you desire, They come in flat pack from IKEA...

    To follow on...

    We'll be hosting a BEAT IT, SPEAK IT, TELL IT evening on March 21st in the Space Auditorium with contributions from Liv Torc, Dom Buck and Michael Loader AND Open Mic spots to anyone who wants to come along to tell their own story, song, beatbox, rap, poem... ETCETERAHHH!

    If you want a 5 minute slot email charlie@tacchi-morris.com with your name and act...


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